Children’s Ministry (QuestKids)

QuestKids is birth-5th grade.
Here are a few highlights of what Sunday morning for kids at Timberline looks like! We hope you’ll join us in our QUEST for truth! If you have questions, come talk to us at the check-in counter and we’ll help you!
We divide up our kids as nursery (birth-3 yrs, or when potty-trained and ready for a classroom setting), PreK – 3-5 yrs old (Blue group), K-1st (Red group), 2nd-3rd (Orange group), 4th-5th (Green group).

Bible Lesson

We study the same passage as the adults in the worship service each week so the whole family can discuss what they learned during the week at home.
Memory Verses
Each week you’ll have a Bible verse to memorize (along with other verses for older kids to be challenged!) Since you all be learning the same verses, you can help each other practice! For each verse said to a teacher, you get a sticker or a punch in your reward card. There are prizes for completion of memory verses!



These are not your ordinary cheerios and fish crackers. These snacks are fun, fill your tummy, and tie into the lesson each week. Example: Build your own Tower of Cheesa (Tower of Babel), create your own fruit masterpiece (Creation), celery chariots (Enoch’s rapture), popcorn, cupcake torches, etc.


Crafts and Projects

You’ll have crafts that help you remember the theme for the day so you can share with others what you’ve learned.
You’ll explore the gifts God has given you to serve others: cards of encouragement, gift boxes for those less fortunate, serving others inside and outside the church and lots more!



It’s time to play! Game also tie into our lesson each week and it’s a good time to get those wiggles out as well! We’ll have games like Egyptians and Grasshoppers, Pharoh’s Pholly, Rock-paper-scissors, dodge hail, red light/green light, obstacle course and more!
All these components tie into the theme for the week and we also have a memory verse to recite. The kids can earn rewards for their memory work, with the most important one of hiding God’s Word in their heart!