Small Groups

Small Groups (SG) are not just a place to attend but the primary way to connect with people at Timberline. Small Groups are a family of servant-missionaries who make disciples of Jesus in the everyday rhythms of life. This is done through fostering authentic friendships, moving toward abiding in Christ, and engaging in Gospel-centered mission. Want to find out how to join a Small Group? Email Susan Bock by clicking the link below. An extension of small groups would be Men’s and Women’s Groups. These groups are made up of men meeting with men or women meeting with women usually on a weekly basis over coffee. They are intended to be relational in nature where men and women investigate their identity in Jesus and how is plays out in everyday life. This is done by:

  • Catching up on how each person’s week went
  • Celebrating what God is doing in each person’s life
  • Coaching each other through questions answered in God’s Word
  • Caring for one another and
  • Communicating what God is saying as a result of their time together.